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JSR 94: JavaTM Rule Engine API - Final

Posted by netoz on August 16, 2004 at 8:07 PM PDT


Finally... JSR 94 got to the final stage.

This was the first JSR I had a chance to participate and I can tell you that it was a lot of work.

On the one hand, you have great discussions around the technology itself and trying to figure out some of the best ways of doing certain things. You also get to work with very smart people who have different perspectives which helps open your horizons. All of this is cool. On the other hand though... you have to deal with the legal stuff like distribution licenses, export controls, and achieve compromises in order to move things forward to a final state. Overall everybody in JSR 94 did a great job. Folks from IBM, Ilog, Blaze, Sun, and others were very involved.

Lesson learned - It helps to have a second or third person assisting in running things, especially if it is a large JSR with lots of participants. A good example on how to handle/guide things is what I have seen with JSR 170. David and his team from DAY are doing a great job managing the process and keep track of things. They have 2-3 guys devoted to the effort which really helps. I am very impressed with their discipline and dedication.

For those interested in rules and rules applications, the next round of JSR 94 is going to start soon. Check back on the JSR 94 page for contact information if you are interested.


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