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Numerology and the new Java logo

Posted by horwat on June 10, 2003 at 4:46 PM PDT

The new Java logo was one of the new big announcements at the keynote this morning for those that are less observant and didn't notice the new design all around Moscone. I like the new clean design. It will certainly scale better for small devices as well as look better on different colored backgrounds. I was expecting a bigger change given the secrecy behind the announcements but in a way I'm glad that the cup and steam hasn't drastically changed. I'm nostalgic that way and I've always liked the design.

When I looked closely at the new logo, I noticed an interesting cincidence. There are eight lines that make up the Java cup, saucer, and steam. This year's JavaOne conference is the eighth annual conference. Interesting coincidence or careful planning?

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