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Would you join my intelligence?

Posted by aiqa on August 1, 2004 at 4:29 PM PDT

Open Source Software... A dream that comes true. The only way to create something really valuable under no company pressure. The only way to code it as a hobby while communicating with the programmers from all over the world. One of the best way to improve computing skills. An ideal way to meet with the masters. A long way to walk... What about the human intelligence?

I think of software as something that has it`s own intelligence. A single line of code has an inteligence to do what that single line of code is written for. Usually when the problem can be solved with a line of code probably there should only be one way to solve the problem but when it becomes lines of code, thousands of lines of code, who can manage that amount of knowledge?

From the beginning of an open source software human intelligence is combined as in the form of lines of codes. One programmer (especially an experienced one) can give all of his experince to his software, but he is only one person. How much experienced ever he is or how clever, he has a brain with limited intelligence. He has one human life, he has to sleep, eat and do human stuff. Then a human can not solve complicated problems good enough.

A human can write only what a human can write but we need more of it. We need the one who is clever than any of us. We need the best code, the best solution, the one without bugs. We need perfection. n+1 people will always be able to do more than n people. n+1 people will have more work time than n people. n+1 people has more intelligence than the less have.

The one perfect human is "us", we call it open source community and it is the intelligence we give to an open source software by the will of creating a piece of code that will last forever. A sign to future. A way to be remembered. A way to challange...

As I mentioned before, I think of software as something that has it`s own intelligence. In other words we can say "Open source software is the pool where we combine our intelligence". It is more than a software, it is the most humanistic creation of human mind. Have you ever eximined a successful open source software, for example netfilter? You will be amazed when you see it`s source code. You will find lots of tricks that you would have never tought in your mortal life.

Be involved to an open source project. Be involved to create the perfect code. Create something that has been tought to be impossible.

Be us!

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