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Java Game Development: JDJ article and code

Posted by chet on October 6, 2004 at 7:55 PM PDT

At the end of our JavaOne talk on Desktop Game Development this year, I opened my big mouth and asked who wanted to see the code we'd written to our game demo (a simple version of a well-known paddle-and-ball type game, cleverly named "Ping"). Just about the whole room raised their hands.

Dang! And I thought we were finally done with JavaOne content for the year.

We couldn't very well just post the code alone, and our presentation didn't have enough extra material to fill in the gaps. So we decided to write an article around the whole topic; Java game frameworks and issues, 2D rendering, and graphics performance tips.

Well, it took a couple of months, but Dmitri and I have finally written and published the article. It's a two-part series starting in the October issue of Java Developers Journal.. You can also check out the source code for the demo.

Part 1 is all about the game framework and related development issues. Part 2 (next month's issue) will dive into 2D rendering and performance specifics.

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