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Integrating Java

Posted by daniel on March 24, 2005 at 8:49 AM PST

Plans for JDIC

In today's Weblogs ,
George Zhang reports on href="">Where's
JDIC Going? He takes a look at the state of the Java Desktop
Integration Components. " JDIC has been under active discussion and
development since its debut at JavaOne 2004. With the latest milestone
release 0.9, a couple of new features and APIs are introduced. Check
out what's new in 0.9 and an overall status update of the project."

Rich Unger writes a post that could raise eyebrows on both sides of
the IDE/Platform divide. In href=""> Two
Rich Client Platforms Are Better Than One. "In certain circles,
raising the NetBeans vs. Eclipse question is much like discussing the
relative merits of vi and emacs. They both pretty much do the same
thing (though there are people on both sides who vehemently deny
this). They both do a pretty good job. And, there are folks on both
sides who think the other product is architected completely wrong. So
how do you wade through the propaganda and choose the platform that's
right for your application?"

John Bobowicz asks href="">Is
binary XML an oxymoron? " Is the Fast Infoset Project really just
a temporary fix, or have we found the right approach for solving XML
performance problems and don't realize it yet?"

In Also
in Java Today
, Caroline Maynard, Graham Charters, and Matthew
Peters have writeen about how to href="">
Access an enterprise application from a PHP script. "You may be a
PHP programmer who needs to write code for a departmental Web
application to access a central corporate service, exposed as a Web
service. Or you may be an experienced J2EE developer who wants to know
a little more about PHP and how you can use it. The example in this
article [..] is on how to consume the Web service from PHP, and it's
applicable however the Web service is implemented.

In part two of Bob DuCharme's href=""> Getting
Started with XQuery you'll "learn more about how a query can
manipulate the XML that it pulls out of a collection, and how
user-defined functions can provide even greater flexibility in the
sorting and arrangement of that data."

Is the 2D pipeline improved?
In today's
pdoubleya writes "I just downloaded the latest snapshot java version
"1.6.0-ea" Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.6.0-ea-b28, mixed
mode, sharing) and have tried running our Flying Saucer with it ( href=""> [..]
For our tool, there is a slight regression in performance, 25-30%."

Thulin spawns a thread by asking whether "It would be nice to have javax.spell Spell checking. RI could use ThunderBird language modules."

In Projects and
, Peter Kessler and Ross Knippel answered your
questions on href="">
Squeezing Performance from the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine . Read
the transcript and post to the linked forum.

Brian Leonard has posted a demo of using NetBeans for href="">Launching
the eBay Java SDK API Calls. This project is built around the href="">API
Calls Demo posted at ebay.

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Plans for JDIC