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Gaming in another world

Posted by simstu on October 8, 2004 at 11:03 AM PDT

Having spent many years in Hong Kong, I'm always looking to see how the gaming frontier is being pushed forward when I get the chance to return. I have to admit I did miss the odd Calculus class to visit my favorite games arcade.

On my last trip I took some time out to venture around my old haunts in Mong Kok where I was shocked to find one of the biggest arcades that occupied an entire basement block had been replaced by a dark room of hundreds of high end multimedia PCs in banks connected through a highspeed network and Internet hookup. Each console had a blurry eyed hardcore gamer logged in as their alter ego in a Chinese version of the Everquest online world. Most looked like they had been there for days with the odd trip to the on floor coffee and snack bar.

Replace the legacy UI elements with the plug in cable for the back of the head and patch in....

How can Calculus possibly compete?