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Welcome to the Portlet Community

Posted by navaneeth on November 22, 2004 at 10:24 AM PST

It gives me pleasure to announce the creation of the Portlet
at This is an online community of developers and technical experts working on
JSR 168, WSRP and other technologies related to enterprise portals. You can expect to find two
things here:

  • Information: The first focus of this community is to share information amongst developers. To that end, you can
    find articles, community tips, mailing lists, news, product announcements, wiki, blogs and FAQs.
    We also have plans of launching discussion forums sometime soon.

  • Code: The other thing that we want to do is to create a repository of open source portlets.
    If you are a developer and want to write portlets and host them up somewhere and not tie them
    up with any portal server, this is THE place. Rest assured, we provide you all tools of the trade.

There are many ways in which you can participate in this community. All of them are
detailed here.
If you just want to keep informed, you can join
the announce mailing
. If you want to discuss and
share ideas, please feel free to use the
discuss alias. You can also
contribute articles, tips and
whitepapers. For all new projects, please refer to the Governance

We also understand that a rich vendor presence is essential for any thriving community. If you are
a portlet vendor, you can make your presence known using the
Vendor spotlight area. You can
also submit news
and product announcements and these would be featured in the News area.

This is a new community and we hope you will want to contribute to building it up from scratch. We are
looking for contributions at all levels and in the true spirit of, the best contributors
will end up as community leaders.

Thanks for your time !!

And thank You ...

A lot of people have helped build this community and I would like to take a
minute to thank them all.

Paul Hinz for the initial idea and helping me throughout the process, Fariha Barnes, Adam Abramski, Tom Mueller,
Atul Batra, Bhaskarjyoti Das and Prasanna Basavapatna.

Pradeep Gond for the helping out with the FAQ and the great background image ;)

Brian Chan, David Sean Taylor, Jeff Linwood, Herve Tchepannou, Trinh Ngoc Quang, Jason Novotny, for the
initial contributions and valuable feedback.

Last but not the least , the wonderful team: Marla Parker, Daniel Steinberg, Jbob, Sarah Breen,Helen Chen
and Chris Cheline.

Thanks Everybody !

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