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Posted by daniel on November 30, 2004 at 7:53 AM PST

Getting the look and feel just right

Bino George joins as a blogger with his post href="">Hi-Fi
Swing (or improving the native fidelity of Swing System L & Fs
in Weblogs. He writes
"Other Java based GUI Toolkits have taken a different approach that is
more closely bound to the platform toolkit. As always in life there
are two sides to every story. The freedom from platform restrictions
comes at some cost in terms of engineering the Swing Toolkit. Swing
engineers have to make conscious trade-offs between native fidelity
and platform independence. "

Michael Nascimento Santos has identified some href="">
Bizarre behaviour in PropertyDescriptor . Check out what happens when you try to read the value of a property in a subclass.

Jonathan Simon presents a light-hearted poke at href="">
Paul Graham and Java noting that "you have to at least appreciate
the irony in that the remnants of the company he used as an example of
why not to use Java -- are now using Java themselves."

In Also in
Java Today
, Jonas Boner, founder of the AspectWerkz AOP
framework, has written an article on TheServerSide on href="">
AspectWerkz 2: An Extensible Container. He assesses the current
state of AspectWerkz and looks ahead to "Having one single
intermediate representation for the aspect (definition/model/plan),
regardless of how it is implemented, defined, and weaved, and a
well-defined API to work with this definition opens up for
standardization on tools, both for development and runtime

Finally you can just add() a component to a JFrame without
getContentPane() as you will read in the Core Java Tech Tip href="">Changes
in working with Content Pane. The tip points out that in the top
level containers JFrame, JDialog, JWindow, JApplet, and JInternalFrame
you do not need to explicitly call getContentPane() when using the
add(), remove(), and setLayout() methods in JFrame. You do, however,
still need to be aware that you are using a ContentPane.

In Projects and
, the href="">Jini community is
presenting the latest in their Webinar Series Wednesday, December 1st
at noon EST (5 pm GMT). Join Michael Ogg, from Valaran, for his
presentation Service
Oriented Architectures - Separating Hype from Reality

The Java Web
Services and XML
community homepage points to the article href="">Accelerating
Java Serialization/Deserialization in which Jean-Marie Dautelle
reports on a benchmark on serialization.

It's useful to look back at lessons from previous programming
languages. The href="">
Functions/Methods as first class objects thread includes some
thoughts from Simula in today's href="">
Forums. Erikma writes "Simula-67, the very first object
oriented programming language, had this pretty well sorted out (though
some functionality i omit here made GC cumbersome). They had inner
methods and method parameters, tools that were very powerfull,
especially for working with collections. It is like the power of
functional programming with simplicity of java syntax. Pretty much,
the rules (at least the ones i propose being made part of java)
are/were as follows [..]"

Yishai asks " Other than the Number system (parseInt, parseLong,
etc.), what other examples of APIs do you have where there is href="">
no way to know if a method will succeed without catching an
unchecked exception?"

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Getting the look and feel just right