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Javapolis Day 3: Tim Bray

Posted by vbrabant on December 16, 2004 at 4:34 AM PST

He spoked about Java. But not about the Java Language itself. No. About the Java Virtual Machine.
He explained that dynamic language like Perl, Python could accelerate the development, and also be robust.

Then, he speak about Jython, that is running upon the Java Virtual Machine and could easily be connected with all the current Java APIs.

So, could you imagine the advantage of a dynamic language like Jython or Groovy, having the possibility to use the huge number of java Apis ?

He also showed that responsible of JDK 1.6 (sorry, JDK 6.0) meeted people of Jython and that we will certainly see somes modification in the Byte Code of the JVM to facilitate usage of dynamic language as Jython.

He finished his keynote by showing the new recently version of NetBeans 4.0 and encourage people to download it and play with it.

I can also encourage you to look at it.

What do you think about support of other language on the JVM ?
Do you agree that somes modifications are necessary in the Byte Code to facilitate support of other language ?
Please tell me your thinking

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