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Calling for JavaOne papers

Posted by felipeal on December 22, 2004 at 6:57 PM PST

As Daniel already pointed out, the J1CFP was really late this year -
by this time in previous years the submissions should have been already sent.

Looks like Sun has an excuse this time though: the submission system has changed and it has now
a better looking layout (although it still have some flaws, like automatically
creating your username as the pre-@ part of your email). I'm not sure if the old
system is still up (I don't have its URL neither my previous logins right now) but
I guess it is.

The final date for submission is January 31th and they will start send the
notifications on March 7th (plus delays :-). The topics seems to have shrinked a little
and the sessions were split in 3 types: News from the Leading Edge, Tutorials and Advanced How-tos.
At first glance looks like they just gave new fancy names for the old Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels,
but I think their expecting a different format for each one.

Anyway, it's time to suspend (or, hopefully, finish :-) my SCEA assignment and move on into this new challenge...

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