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The WS Stack from Java.Net

Posted by pelegri on June 28, 2005 at 4:02 PM PDT

The JWSDP community at Java.Net
is building the production-quality WS and XML stack for Project GlassFish.
This Java.Net community is also the main mechanism to increase the usefulness of this stack for the developer community at large.

Kohsuke, Kirill and I are hosting a BOF (9646) on the community tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7:30pm on Moscone Hall E 133. We only have 50 minutes, so I will be doing
a very fast overview of the goals and the projects in the community,
Kirill will talk about
and then Kohsuke will describe

We hope to do Q&A through the presentation and at the end.
We would love to hear your feedback to these projects,
and we would like to encourage you to come drop by before joining the
After Dark activities.

To answer an common question - yes, the
CDDL announcement
from Monday applies to the Sun projects in this community.



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