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JavaDesktop milestone

Posted by daniel on January 26, 2005 at 5:18 AM PST

More than 200 projects strong

Roger Brinkley announces that the href="">
JavaDesktop Community tops 200 projects. He writes "What excites
me the most about the 204 projects is the distribution of the projects
between incubator, linked, and full fledged projects." He goes on to
detail the projects of different types in the community and sets 300
projects as a goal to be reached by the end of this
year. Congratulations and thank you to Roger Brinkley and Kathy
Walrath for their leadership and hard work in making the JavaDesktop
community so successful.

Also in today's Weblogs
, Kirill Grouchnikov cautions href="">
Garbage collection - not a panacea . He writes " Sometimes a Java
developer is falsely lulled into creating a lot of objects by thinking
that the garbage collector will make the ends meet. It actually does,
but the price is very high."He provides an example from profiling the
JXM project.

Also in
Also in Java Today
, as expected, more uses for J2SE 5.0's
Annotations are being discovered. In href="">
Validating Objects Through Metadata, Jacob Hookom shows how he
used annotation to provide validation to method calls in his
application - attributes indicate which methods are to be validated
and in what way, and reflection code picks up these attributes and
implements them at runtime.

You've heard it before - when it comes to refactoring (and much of
what we do as Java developers), Smalltalk had it long before Java was
even a language. In href=""> Refactoring as
Meta Programming? Dave Thomas writes Once we accept that it is
useful to write programs (queries) to understand programs, it is a
natural progression to think about other meta programs that would be
useful. [..] We conjecture that it may be fruitful to look at
refactoring as a domain-specific programming language for making
specific program transformations. Further, a programming environment
that readily supported such a language would most certainly support a
wide variety of tools for program understanding and development."

In Projects and
, the href="">Portlets Community page
is featuring a link to the opinion piece href="">Passing
Fad or Real Value?, in which Janus Boye compares the promises made
by portals to their price, performance and usability.

The JXTA community announces an update to the href="">JXTA
Programming Guide and Companion Examples. Download the href="">pdf of the
guide along with a href="">zip file containing
the examples.

Still pondering Const or Immutable objects? In today's
MDernst writes "A paper on integrating
immutability with the Java language appeared in the 2004 OOPSLA
(Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications)
conference. The paper addresses many of the same concerns and ideas
that have been raised in this forum, and it provides a concrete
proposal for extending the Java language, along with a prototype

Johnapps adds his thoughts on this year's JavaOne conference.
"I'd like to see href="">more
sessions given by people who do not work for Sun. This has nothing to
do with a dislike for Sun, but with a balanced set of sessions from
the IT community at large."

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More than 200 projects strong