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Lucene - now in action

Posted by daniel on January 27, 2005 at 5:57 AM PST

New book on indexing and search

The last book that Erik Hatcher co-authored was a definitive guide
on Ant and with "Lucene in action" he has done it again. A couple of
summers ago I saw Erik do a Lucene presentation at OSCon. In the back
of the room sat a tall quiet man mostly nodding at what Erik was
saying. That was Doug Cutting, the man who wrote Lucene. The book is a
comprehensive look at indexing with Lucene and Hatcher and his
co-author Otis Gospodnetic have done a great job. Check out Erik's
Lucene in Action website href="">
and we've reprinted his href="">Introduction
to Lucene article from July 2003.

In today's Weblogs ,
James Todd writes that he is presenting "a MyJXTA Overview at PenLUG
tomorrow evening. Kind of a short notice but I just finished pulling
the presentation together. I like the results and we've needed a doc
like this for awhile now.

Also in
Also in Java Today
, Greg Nudelman's entertaining JavaWorld
article explains href="">
The timestamp-based caching framework . He sets up the article by
writing "When we garbage-collect perfectly good objects, we blunt
our weapons
and waste precious system resources by re-creating
these objects all over again. By implementing a caching framework, we
hope that most of our gains resulting from our creation of
complex objects will remain intact. If we store completed
objects in the cache, we avoid repeatedly re-creating these objects
and thus enjoy a boost in application performance."

Those committed to TDD often find that developing GUIs presents
obstacles. Santosh Shanbhag helps you navigate some of the standard
problems in his article href=""> Developing Custom
Swing Components With Test Driven Development. He begins by
testing the visual layout of a component and then "A GUI test helper
class provides useful methods to find components without the need to
expose them using accessors in the original class."

In Projects and
, the JCP is running an article on our own href=""> JSR community titled href="">JCP 2.6 Clears the Way
for a New JSR Community on noting " The primary benefit
of JCP 2.6 is the transparency it now requires, freeing expert groups
to reveal much more about a given Java Specification Request (JSR) as
it is being developed."

Now that JDOM has been at version 1.0 for a while, you may want to
take it out for a spin. Jeremy Whitlock has written an introduction to
XML With JDOM showing you examples of "Parsing XML with JDOM,
Authoring XML with JDOM, Writing XML to file with JDOM".

What about a New AWT for Linux. In today's
FLozano writes " I want new AWT peer based on GTK,
Pango and other Gnome libraries and not on old Motiff anymore,
besides following standards. This would provide a
lot of benefits and make Java on Linux desktops viable"

Cowwoc proposes we
Unify class customization and construction
. "I'd like to propose an alternate syntax for
Generics. This is motivated by my belief that although Generics is an
important and useful paradigm, its syntax (derived from C++) is really
poor and poses a serious readability problem."

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New book on indexing and search