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New projects in Global Education and Learning for January, 31 2005

Posted by turbogeek on January 31, 2005 at 9:45 AM PST

The Global Education and Learning Community welcomes more great projects. This time we have

Take a look at these great new projects and join them if you can help them out.



A toolkit for producing educational simulations.

The JeLSIM toolkit facilitates the creation of educational simulations. The process of creating a simulation is split into model writing and interface design through a visual interface provided by the tools. This interface provides visualisation objects (sliders, graphs etc.) which can be linked to model variables. The advantage of this approach is that whereas a programmer is needed to create the original model, the visual development environment means that the construction of individual simulation interfaces can be carried out by a teacher or other educational expert. One model can give rise to an unlimited number of simulation interfaces each customised to a particular educational need. Models can be reused at different educational levels and even across different disciplines where the same underlying algorithm is present. Once finalised, simulation interaces are deployed in one click as java applets, or as SCORM or IMS Content Packages.

The tools are mature and have benefitted in the past from both public and commercial funding. Recent funding has been used to explore the potential for using these tools in an assessment environment. Prototype synchronous collaborative functionality is already present within the tools and asynchronous collaboration is easily achieved through saving state via to a server (using the SCORM API). We have also developed model builder functionality to allow the programmer to be removed from the loop for a class of models. Almost 50 models have already been developed (in chemistry, electronics, mechanics, mathematics and many other subjects) and these are also freely available. One of our aims is to create a community within a community creating a collection of freely available/sharable models and interfaces as a goal of the project. For more details visit: .


Liber Laboratory Projects

Liber is a research laboratory at Pernambuco's Federal University. There are multiple projects here covering EDMS (Electronic Document Management System), Human-Machine Interface, Information Retrieve and Data Integration. Liber has four major projects: Macunayna: a multimidia EDMS, The Pernambuco's Annals: a textual database created using PostgreSQL and Jakarta Lucene; Theses compilations from theses and dissertations (like NDLTD) made at Pernambuco's Federal University. Sonora which deals with sound files.


Tools for recruiting

The Recuitment project was started to develop tools to select the eligible candidates for developer recruitment. In this project some reservation candidates will also be classified according to some norms. The system will also calculate statistics about the candidates. The system's primary function will be to put candidates through written tests and other eligibility tests.


A HTTP 1.0 Server in Java for a school project

This is a student using for his school project. I am happy to welcome students and teachers to host on because we here to help.