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JOLT finalist again

Posted by daniel on February 8, 2005 at 8:01 AM PST

Shameless self-promotion

In Projects and
, thank you to all of you who have helped href="">
repeat as a JOLT award finalist. We are one of seven finalists in
the Websites and Developer Networks category along with Agile Modeling
Home Page, developer.*, eBay Developers Program,, IBM
developerWorks, and The O'Reilly Network.

I mention the other sites because you may not have heard of some
of them and might want to check them out. It's doubly cool for the
O'Reilly team. Once again we are competing with ourselves in this
category. See you at SD West when the winners are announced.

Members of the Jini
should note that a new version of the Jini Technology
Starter KIt has been released. href="">The
announcement of version 2.0.1 says that it addresses four security
issues in earlier 2.x releases. These issues are detailed in the
release notes.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi introduces a way to href="">
Make your builds always available in today's href=""> Weblogs . " Making your
up-to-date builds always available helps your project by reducing the
time it takes for other people to use it. I introduce Hudson, an
open-source project that automates this."

Bill Wake reminds us of the href="">Agile
2005 conference call for participation. Also Satya Komatineni
comments on href="">
CVSNT, Eclipse, and some lessons in OpenSource. " I had the most
difficult time getting eclipse 3.0.1 to work with the current CVSNT
build CVSNT 2.0.58d. The knot has been finally unravelled and what I
found, more importantly how I found out, seem to be a glimpse of how
OpenSource and by extension any evoliving (and hence good quality)
software matures."

In Also
in Java Today
, after years of typing

 public static
void main(String[] args)
you can (and should) now type
public static void main(String .. args). This is just one
of the many uses of variable arity parameters known less formally as
varargs. In the Core Java Tech tip href="">
Using the varargs language feature you see examples of how to use
the new feature and explicit cases in which you should not use

One of the criticisms of XP is the lack of design or architecture. In
XP as in other Agile methodologies, you do a lot of design - you just
don't do it up front. In href="">
Incremental Architecture Bob Martin answers the objection "isn't
that just hacking? After all, when architectures evolve, don't they
turn into a mess? Isn't that how we used to build systems in the 60's?
Didn't we stop because of all the messes we made?"

Chris Campbell responds with some positive news on href="">render
speed in today's href=""> Forums.
"We've been exploring some ways to improve wide (> 1 pixel) line
performance. We know that low performance of this case is really
impacting many apps out there that want to display complex data,
such as interactive maps. We think there are a few simple
optimizations that can be made to speed up the simple cases (no
round joins or end caps), but we also have some ideas to leverage
hardware for even the more complex cases (those that do have round

Tim Bell clarifies some of the questions about href="">
rt.jar with debug symbols. "The rt.jar shipped with the JRE is
stripped to minimize download size. The rt.jar shipped with the SDK
has line number information in it, but not local variables. So, if you
want more information in stack traces, run with the full SDK

In today's
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Shameless self-promotion