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Java Advanced Imaging

Posted by daniel on February 11, 2005 at 6:34 AM PST

JAI and JAI Image I/O Tools Source

In today's Weblogs
Roger Brinkley leads off with href="">
Java Advanced Imaging and Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools Source
Code Now Available!. Congratulations to the folks who keep throwing imaging APIs over the wall.

Pat Niemeyer blogs on an important development with href="">
The new javax.script API. He writes "There are really two APIs
buried in this specification and one of them is actually quite
interesting. Java is about to get a standardized API for working with
scripting languages and it's not just about web applications any

More news from the JCP. Marc Hadley writes about the href="">
JAX-RPC 2.0 Early Draft 2. " The JSR 224 Expert Group just
published a second early draft of JAX-RPC 2.0. This blog entry
outlines some of the new features in the specification and describes
where we're headed next. "

Finally, in today's featured blogs, John Mitchell asks " What do
you look at when you're hiring developers?" He hopes that your answer
includes something about those who are href="">
Passionately Curious.

In Also
in Java Today
, Laurence Moroney has written an article for
DevX on Rapid
Template-Driven Development with Jakarta Velocity
. He writes that
Velocity makes " it so you can have 'active' Web pages, but where the
design and the implementation details are kept neatly separate through
the use of templates. Using Velocity, a designer can design a page and
put inactive placeholders on the page that the developer will use to
activate the page. You'll see this by example a little later. It
should be noted that this isn't the only use for Velocity it is in
fact a generic template engine that can be used for outputting any
kind of text, but Web pages are obviously a very useful example. "

Paul Mutton, author of "IRC Hacks" acknowledges that participating
in an IRC discussion can be distracting while you're trying to work.
A nice alternative would be to have the chat read aloud to you while
you're working. And conveniently, there's an open source Java library
that can provide the text-to-speech functionality. In href="">IRC
Text to Speech with Java, he shows how to put the two together.

In Projects and
, of interest to the href="">Linux Community is href="">Linux
Today's reprint of the Linux Magazine article href="">P2P with
Java, which points out handy peer-to-peer programs written in
Java, such as Azureus and LimeWire.

The href="">JavaDesktop
community's Roger href="">
Brinkley has blogged that Java
Advanced Imaging
and href="">Java Advanced Imaging Image
I/O source code is now available on

Should super() be first? In today's Forums Netsql writes
"In other OO langs... in constuctor... the super() does
not have to be the 1st command. There is all kinds of workarrounds we
do in Java to get arround that."

Bino George writes about href="">
Debugging JNI exception failures. "If you want to print out the
message you can use the ExceptionDescribe method. Checkout href="">[this
link] for more information on debugging JNI exceptions."

Kohsuke follows up on JAXB 2.0 with JDK 1.4.
"The API jar is heavily using Tiger features. Those classes won't even
load in JDK 1.4. I agree that in theory, the RI might be able to use
xdoclet-like annotation compiler to store annotations externally, and
then read it back at the runtime, but I think this API class file
version issue is critical."

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JAI and JAI Image I/O Tools Source