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IoC feedback

Posted by daniel on February 14, 2005 at 7:34 AM PST

Response to a Feature article

In today's Weblogs ,
Ken Ramirez posts href="">
feedback to his IoC article. He writes " If you haven't read href=""> the
article yet, go ahead and read it and then read this blog. You
won't regret it. I was actually contacted by Howard Lewis Ship
himself, and he had some strong words to say about the article. Read
this blog if you're interested in the details. "

I give Ken a lot of credit because Howard's blog did not have much
positive to say about the article Ken wrote and I edited. Among other
points, Howard notes "dependency injection is an important component
of IoC, but inversion of control also includes life cycle issues well
beyond connecting collaborating services". I take responsibility for much of this and need to move HiveMind up the list of things I want to play with some time.

In other blog postings, John Mitchell notes " href="">
Embellish is NOT a four letter word. Embellish your way to learning
and coding success." James Todd reports that JXTA :: ext:config explained . This enables "flexibly configuring JXTA with ease."

In Also
in Java Today
, Neville Ridley-Smith has passed on links to href=",39024650,39176462,00.htm">transcript
and href="">audio
from James Gosling's
recent trip to Sydney
. You've heard Gosling say much of this
before, but the transcript does provide a much more complete report
than the few excerpts here or there that you've seen in news reports.

Eclipse is a hugely popular IDE for Java development, but it's so
much more than that. The plug-in based architecture of Eclipse offers
many possibilities for customization and, as Emmanuel Proulx notes,
many points of entry for plug-in developers: "some Eclipse users will
want to customize it. Some will develop tools for their company's
employees. Some will want to sell tools that connect to their
products. Some will want to resell Eclipse under another name with
these tools pre-installed." In href="">Eclipse
Plugins Exposed, Part 1: A First Glimpse, he describes the basic
architecture of Eclipse and how to start building your own plug-ins.

In Projects and
, the href=""> Web Services and XML
Community home page notes the W3C's call for participation in a
public workshop to create a href=""> working group
for developing more powerful tools and greater automation using
semantic web technologies , to be held June 9-10 in Innsbruck,

In tomorrow's Java Live chat Scott Violet and Chet Haase will answer
your questions about href=""> Getting High
Performance from Your Desktop Client. Bring your questions for
Scott and Chet and click on the href="">online client
February 15, 2005 11:00 A.M. PST/19:00 UTC.

Kelly O'Hair follows up on href="">
Debugging JNI exception failures in today's href="">Forums . "It
isn't clear to me that when this error is detected that the current
stack trace is what you want. I assume you want the stack trace when
the exception was thrown, not when this error condition was
detected. I could be wrong. I'll try and check with one of the VM
engineers on what can be done."

Tackline follows on super() first in a constructor saying "The
really useful thing to be able to do is set up member variables before
calling the super. Self-encapsulation and template methods can cause
havoc. Unfortunately this change would cause incompatibility and done
reasonably would not allow explicit or implicit reference to 'this' in
initialisation expressions (for instance, anonymous inner class

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Response to a feature article