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SWT vs Swing

Posted by daniel on February 17, 2005 at 10:05 AM PST

The debate rages on

In Also
in Java Today
, the Swing/SWT debate continues. In response to
comments that James Gosling made about SWT in Australia, Bruce Eckel
has enlisted the help of Chris Grindstaff who contributed to the SWT
chapter in the latest edition of Bruce's "Thinking in Java". In href="">
Gosling on SWT , Chris first counters that AWT is not SWT. "The
big difference between the two is AWT is very much
least-common-denominator across all platforms. SWT isn't. The other
significant difference is AWT chose to hide the emulation layer in
C. In other words, java.awt.Button is the same on all platforms, while
the native peer differs on each platform. One of the consequences of
this is porting is harder, some things are in Java, some aren't. [..]
In SWT the org.eclipse.swt.Button Java/class is different on each
platform. The SWT lib does nothing but stuff methods straight to the
OS. One toolset and less duplication."

The Object Computing gang has written about many of the Tiger language
additions and now they turn their attention to href=""> Monitoring and
Management with J2SE 5.0 . Weiqi Gao writes "JMX (JSR 3) and JMX
Remote API (JSR 160) define a standard architecture for application
and network management and monitoring in the Java programming
language. The overall architecture is divided into three levels:
Instrumentation Level, Agent Level, Distributed Services Level
(Manager Level)"

Kathy Walrath posts that href="">The
Java Tutorial: Updated at Last! in today's href=""> Weblogs . She passes on
the good news that " The online version of The Java Tutorial has been
updated. Expect more updates soon!"

Chet Haase is flogging his latest project and article in href="">Timing
is Everything. " There's a new article ("Timing is Everything")
and project ( on that covers the
basics of using Timers in Java and also adds interesting functionality
to the timing facilities. "

In Projects and
, the href="">Safari NetBeans
plugin has graduated from the incubator. "Without leaving the IDE,
developer can type in the keywords in the Safari search window and
execute a search on the Safari e-reference library."

The JavaTools
community has recognized the href="">JForum project as their
current "cool tool". "JForum is a complete, powerful,
database-independent and multi-threaded forum software."

KEJohnson notes that

Mustang API Docs posted on
in today's href="">Forums . "The
Mustang API doc bundle has been posted on the j2se project page for
download. Plans are to keep it in sync with the source and binary
downloads on this site."

Kelly O'Hair answers questions about href="">building
the J2SE. "The hotspot workspace is somewhat disconnected from the
other workspaces, it's makefiles are a different breed of animal. Most
of the hotspot engineers just build hotspot, and then plop that build
hotspot into a already built JDK. Most of the non-hotspot engineers
don't build hotspot, and just copy in the hotspot from a previous

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The debate rages on