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Java matures?

Posted by daniel on March 8, 2005 at 8:55 AM PST

When rebels become part of the establishment

You're in an elevator not really paying attention and then it hits
you. That song in the background with no distinctive rhythm and an
innocuous melody being played on a flute was the hard hitting, cutting
edge, hip, anti-establishment, subversive song you liked just six
months before. Later you head to the gym to work out and there are
people old enough to be your mom working out to the original version
of the song. Is it a signal to move on?

In the world of Java, according to John Reynolds, "By and large,
the old battles are over, and the rebels either won outright or they
were able to reach acceptable compromises with the establishment. That
is a really good thing." This seems to be related to the arguments
over whether Java has matured or whether it is no longer cool.

John Reynolds writes more about this vibe at the recent TheServerSide conference in his post href="">TSSJS
Impressions - We won; Now what do we do? in today's href=""> Weblogs . He writes that
"Many of the past articles and discussion threads on TSS have been
focused on how horrible J2EE was (primarilly focussed on EJB), and
many of these former critics were presenters or attendees at this
year's TSSJS. Unlike past years, these folks are no longer the voices
of reason railing against the unreasonable establishment. In some
cases these folks now are the establishment (for example, Gavin King
is now a member of the EJB3 working group)."

In other blogs, Alex Toussaint points to information on JSR 170 in
a post labeled href="">
JSR-170 - almost here!! James Duncan Davidson was just remarking
yesterday about how hard it is to follow conversations that have moved
from acronyms to spec numbers. JSR 170 is about the Content Repository for
JavaTM technology API

Fernando Lozano asks href="">
EJB 3.0 two steps ahead, one step backwards? He reasons "he Java
platform is about compatibility and interoperability, but the J2EE
platform have failed so far on this respect because their standards
were not always complete enough to let the app developer do this job
without interference from the app deployer. An example of this was the
absence of a standard for OO/Relational mapping, but this is being
solved by the EJB 3.0 spec."

In Also
in Java Today
, the Java
APIs for OpenGL
continues to be a popular download. In
to JOGL you will see how to use JOGL to include basic
two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics in an application. The
examples are a rotating square and a rotating cube.

For a look at one man's take on last week's TheServerSide Java
Symposium, take a look back at href="">Ed Burns' reports from
TSSJS. He began with href="">
Mark Hapner Keynote , his coverage of href="">
AJAX with Ben and Dion , and href="">
Rod Johnson - Why J2EE projects Fail . After attending a reception
and getting a good night's sleep he covered href="">
Rod Johnson Keynote , a session on href="">
Tapestry, the href="">
Keynote panel, and finished with href="">
Gregor Hohpe - SOA Same Old Architecture?

In Projects and
, check out the new Data Set and Authentication
features in href="">JDNC (JDesktop
Network Components ) as well as a list of the bugs that have been

The Java
community's href=""> Workeffort project is a
"Work effort / time tracking application [..] built using some of the
most popular and widely used open source frameworks in the J2EE

Tim Bell answers href="">
java.lang.instrument.Instrumentation questions in today's href="">Forums. "In the
1.5 (Tiger) implementation, if the agent tried to redefine a class
that was not linked yet, you would get a VerifyError: href="">
Bug-ID: 5092850 Synopsis: RedefineClasses causes
VerifyError. This will be fixed in Tiger update 3 under bug-id
2123794. It is already fixed in the Mustang snapshot releases

Kohsuke writes on href="">
Identity constraint accessor/mutator generation. "You are
right that the current draft of JAXB 2.0 spec doesn't have any
concrete description of how an identity constraint affects the data
structure of the generated code. The problem (for us) is that the
identity constraints are so out-of-place with other schema
definitions, and therefore it is somewhat difficult to make a
meaningful/reliable inference about them."

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When rebels become part of the establishment