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The JXTA latest platform releases are out!

Posted by tra on March 16, 2005 at 5:30 PM PST

The JXTA community just announced yesterday the availability of two new releases of the JXTA P2P Platform: JXTA J2SE release, 2.3.3 "Pyrogy", and JXTA C/C++ release, 2.1 "Capri". Both the JXTA "Pyrogy" and "Capri" releases provide a number of feature enhancements, performance improvements, as well as enhanced platform capabilities

You can access these releases via the download page:

These releases have been designed to be API and protocol backwards compatible with previous JXTA J2SE and C/C++ 2.x releases, and are fully interoperable.

No excuses for not building your JXTA-based applications, and entering the JXTA world where every peer resource in the network can be leveraged.

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