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A new DB benchmark in town

Posted by herkules on March 30, 2005 at 5:43 AM PST

Since I've been investigating on persistence recently, I found that performance might be an issue, esp. when thinking about embedded databases.

So I organized a race (very obviously inspired by db4o's Formula1 tutorial) and put the results online in form of the SourceForge project PolePosition

Currently I lined up these database systems for some training laps:

I started from scratch without having much experience in any of the databases tested. So the code is pretty much unbiased and shows what an average programmer might achieve performance-wise. On the long hand, each database should use the best code possible. For I will never be an expert for that variety of database systems at the same time, making the project opensource gives the possibility for the dedicated experts out there to optimize for their resp. favorite. So please let me know where the code is poor and where improvements are mandatory.

The preliminary results are quite mixed without having one single winner for all purposes. Just take a look at the results yourself.

There are other important benchmarks which are not part of the results published. The 'hassle' or the 'learning curve', the 'lines of code' or 'time for debug' benchmark e.g. just to mention a few. As mentioned earlier, db4o is hard to beat there....

There are more things to come. Anybody volunteering for the JDO team?

Everybody have fun with the code and let me know what you think.

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