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WS-I Sample Application 1.1 Early Access

Posted by arungupta on April 8, 2005 at 12:22 PM PDT

WS-I Sample Application 1.1 EA is a rewrite of the WS-I Sample Application 1.0 using JAX-RPC 2.0 features and is available for download here. This bundle, as always, comes with the source code, ant build script, customization files, and other artifacts required to build the sample application from scratch. The bundle comes with the updated documentation. The source code has been commented through out to highlight the changes from Sample Application 1.0.

This bundle also contains the NetBeans project files. This allows the extracted sample app bundle to be opened up as a NetBeans project and execute all the commands from within the IDE. You can still execute the commands using the ant script. But we @ Sun feel, NetBeans is the best IDE and platform :) Refer to Section 7.0 of the online or bundled documentation for more details on how to setup the NetBeans project.

Enjoy the binaries, docs, samples with a cup of Java, and we love to get your feedback here.

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