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JXME on CDC? maybe closer than you think

Posted by hamada on May 15, 2005 at 11:53 PM PDT

The JXME project has provided proxy based support of a subset of the JXTA protocols. The proxy provided much of the interaction between the device and other nodes on the network. Recently there has been quite a bit of interest of supporting a richer set of protocols for the "Connected Device Configuration", and as a result most of the JXTA protocols have been ported to run on JSR 218, and the foundation profile this includes :

- All JXTA advertisement bindings, including support for application defined advertisements.

- All protocol messages in support of edge functionality

- LiteXML support

- All JXTA Core service (minus PeerInfo, and (of course) Proxy)

- TCP/IP transport

- Client Relay transport


There remains a handful of classes to be implemented to provide an in memory cache manager, and PlatformConfigurationFactory. So far the stack sitting at about 581K, and it is expected not to deviated that much. There still remains plenty of work to be done, and I can all the help I can get. Please pay the project a visit and feel free volunteer for any of the unassigned tasks. It will definitely be appreciated.

I keep a diary of my progress on my sun blog, and under JXME.

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