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Join us at the Community Corner

Posted by daniel on May 16, 2005 at 9:04 AM PDT

The gathering place at this year's JavaOne

Something clicked for me at last week's infrastructure meeting. All of a sudden I got excited about our plans for this year's JavaOne conference. For the most part we are a widely distributed group. At this year's show we're hoping that community leaders will make it easy for project leaders and project members to talk to each other and maybe make some in person contact that can help shrink the distance after the conference ends and we all head back home. We've been given some space to host a "Community Corner" where people can drop by and see what's going on.

In today's Weblogs, Daniel Brookshier explains in his post on the

JavaOne Community Corner

that "We are putting your open source projects on stage all week long at JavaOne. But not just your favorites, but the ones "you" run and participate with here at Every day in the JavaOne Pavilion we are running mini talks on projects in the community.... That means if you or your buddies run a project on or move a project to real soon, you can probably get to talk about it. All you need to do is pick a time and propose it on the Community Corner wiki ."

Marc Hadley is Introducing WADL.
He writes " Seems like lots of folks are either doing it or talking about it (publishing proposals for alternatives to WSDL that is) so here's mine: Web Application Description Language or WADL for short. "

Kelly O'Hair writes about Bytecode Instrumentation.
"Modification of classfile methods by way of bytecode instrumentation (BCI) has become more and more common in tools, but it's not for the faint of heart. Not all classfiles are the same, and there are some very dangerous things lurking in the BCI waters."

In Also in
Java Today
, Bruce Tate likes his application frameworks lightweight, having authored the classic Better, Faster, Lighter Java. Lately, his attention has turned from the ornate J2EE/EJB frameworks to the blithe Spring framework, which he covers in the new Spring: A Developer's Notebook. In his article Five Things I Love About Spring, he explains how Spring has given him more control, easier coding, greater testibility, and more.

You can find a reprint of Chet Haase' fine article Timing is everything on He considers what might be needed in an API that keeps you from "re-implementing the same functionality you have written for every application that required timing or animation."

In Projects and
, Mohamed Abdelaziz is working on bringing JXTA to the J2ME Connected Device Configuration (CDC) in the JXME project. In his blog JXME on CDC? Maybe closer than you think, he writes that "most of the JXTA protocols have been ported to run on JSR 218," and that volunteers to help finish the port are welcome.

The latest education projects to join the GELC are Evolution-Opt, a Framework to resolve combinatorial optimization problems, javamindmapped, a Java based mind mapping application, OK, an Open Source Software Factory Model for open knowledge, and unEvo, an IDE for Evolutionary Algorithms.

In today's Forums, cambell replies "We're continuing to discuss approaches with the JOGL team to improve the interoperability story between Java2D and JOGL. There's a vague RFE here that you can watch as we make progress in this area: There are a whole host of technical issues to work through before the story will improve; i.e. it's not as simple as just "implementing Java2D on top of JOGL". There are changes/additions to the JAWT spec required, as well as a number of tricky changes to both the Java2D and JOGL implementations."

Ryan_ernst posts in the

Protected methods in interfaces
"Actually, the Serializable interface does NOT have private methods. It actually has no methods. The readObject and writeObject methods are only for special handling of serializing an object. There signatures are defined in the documentation, but they are not overidden from the Serializable interface. They are special methods that are called through reflection by the JVM. They are not meant to be called by users, but only by the system when serializing an object."

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The gathering place at this year's JavaOne