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Java in the Open

Posted by daniel on May 18, 2005 at 8:16 AM PDT

OSCon Europe -- also Gosling thinks there's enough harmony without Harmony

As a self-promotional aside, please consider presenting at European Open Source Convention 2005. This is our first OSCon in Europe and there is a healthy sized Java track scheduled. Submissions close at midnight May 23, so create a proposal and submit it or drop me an email suggesting a speaker we might want to pursue or a topic we might want to be sure to include. I'll remind you again before the deadline.

Now back to Gosling's comments in an article by Glen Kunene that we point to in Also in
Java Today
. James Gosling has spoken out against the idea of the newly proposed Apache Harmony project saying customers would head for the hills over an open source Java. "'We've got several thousand man-years of engineering in [Java], and we hear very strongly that if this thing turned into an open source project—where just any old person could check in stuff—they'd all freak. They'd all go screaming into the hills.'"

Are you developing a database-driven program with Eclipse? Are you about to drop into the command line to bring up an SQL client? Stop right there! As Deepak Vohra explains in Configuring Database Access in Eclipse 3.0 with SQLExplorer, "with SQLExplorer, you can display the tables, table structure, and data in the tables, and retrieve, add, update, or delete table data." And you get to do all of this with a friendly GUI view of your data.

Weblogs, in Evolving the Java Platform Graham Hamilton provides links to his SD Times article "which discusses Mustang, Dolphin and more."

Greg Murray writes about
Storing Secure Session State on The Client
"In a J2EE based web application you have many ways of storing session state which include client-side cookies, the HttpSession object, an EJB, POJO, or database. There is another place to store session state securely which is in the HTML page itself using encrypted hidden form variables.

Joshua Marinacci examines
The Power of the Desktop Java Stack
He asks the question "What can we do with Java that we couldn't do easily with Perl, ASPs, PHP, Javascript and HTML? Well, this is sort of a trick question. I've asked: what can we do that is better than other client side or server side technologies allow. The answer is to be on both sides at once."

In Projects and
, the OurFaces project develops commonly-needed web UI components such as trees, tables, and calendars on top of JavaServer Faces (JSF).

The J2EE 1.4 Tutorial for NetBeans IDE (available as HTML and PDF) adapts parts of's J2EE 1.4 tutorial for use with the NetBeans IDE.

In today's Forums, cowwoc writes about changing 1.6 to 6.0 everywhere
" I also wonder like Furbotto what breaks if one switches version numbers to 6.0 everywhere. I am quite unhappy with the 1.5 -> 5.0 name change, but if you're going to do it at least do it consistly and remove all references to 1.5. Just my 2 cents."

TimBell responds to BZip2 saying
"See also: 4505111 Support for pluggable ZipFile compression methods. 4397827 RFE: needs some refactoring These are not on the short list for Mustang, but we will try to increase the visibility if community fixes and interest show an increase."

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OSCon Europe -- also Gosling thinks there's enough harmony without Harmony