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Congratulations Sarah

Posted by daniel on May 20, 2005 at 7:43 AM PDT

Our MVP gets married

Sarah Breen is one of the most amazing people that it's been my pleasure to know and to work with. She is the producer and is a large part of the reason that the site is so rich and runs so well. Project leaders, community leaders, and bloggers have all been helped by Sarah. Anytime we think of some feature we'd like to add to the site, Sarah makes it happen. Her implementation is always better than what was suggested. If something goes wrong with the site, she fixes it.

Last year when it was time for JavaOne, the infrastructure group met to discuss awards that we wanted to give to recognize people, projects, and communities here at Everyone agreed that Sarah needed to be singled out and recognized but we didn't have a category. So we created MVP (most valuable player) and Helen brought a tiara to give Sarah to go with the special award.

Today is Sarah's wedding day. I am so happy for her. There's something special about a day that starts the beginning of forever. While Kimmy the wonderwife and I would love to be in Hawaii right now enjoying a cup of Kona and getting ready to attend Sarah's wedding, we are instead in Cleveland preparing Rice Crispy treats to bring to our eldest daughter's bridging ceremony from Brownies to Girl Scouts.

Sarah, we are thinking of you and wish you well. As happy as we are for this wonderful event in your life, those of us at are even happier that you're coming back to work soon.

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Java Today
, Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi explains how to "Get started developing cross-platform P2P applications using Jxta and its Java binding" in part one of his JavaWorld series on Peer-to-peer applications made easy. In his introduction he writes "Most of the difficulties involved in creating P2P applications are related to maintaining the network of peers, formatting and passing messages, discovering other peers, and other similar issues. Project Jxta and its Java binding handle these aspects of your application. By using Jxta, you can focus on your application, not generic P2P issues."

"Business strategies are not static. They change often and the associated business processes change along with them." This, of course, argues strongly against coding those business rules directly into your application flow. In the dev2dev article Business Rules Engines Within Enterprise Platforms, Daniel Jobst, Rainer von Ammon, and Benjamin Gebauer show how rule engines offer an appealing alternative, and compare ILOG JRules to the rule engine in WebLogic 8.1.

Weblogs, Kirill Grouchnikov discusses Signing jars for Web Start applications. He writes, " If you have a project on and wish to provide its Web Start version that needs special access privileges, here is how you can do it."

Ozgur Azan offers his thoughts on GUI Design and SWT. " For some time, I have been working on the GUI of a software that will be used internally at the company I work for. I faced some problems which are mostly related with internals of GUI design, not what is seen on the screen but how to organize the code to make it easy to understand, write bugfixes and make improvements on the software that is deeply connected with the GUI."

Ed Burns talks about his first AJAXian faces component: a progress bar. Also Brian Maso blogs that if you Can't Go to the 1.5 Bleeding Edge? Bring it Back to 1.4! He points to " A couple of O/S utilities to bring Java 5.0 language and annotation facilities to Java 1.4. "

In Projects and
, the Java Development Kit (JDK) Community has set up its home page and is encouraging interested parties to join in the development of the JDK. The page defines the roles available for JDK involvement and shows the projects that are being developed as part of the community.

The Java Patterns community project WebSpine seeks to offer a faster and easier means of developing web applications, by allowing the development of rule-based validation processes. It also helps secure applications by offering configurable filters and access mapping.

Kirillcool comments on the Mix of signed and unsigned jars in JAXB 2.0 EA in today's Forums.
"There are a few jars that are needed to run JAXB 2.0 code. All of them but one are unsigned. The remaining one, activation.jar is signed by Sun. This poses some problems for Web Start applications that need access privileges. [..] Is there some mention of this fact in JAXB 2.0 release notes or developer guide?"

Wangzaixiang writes "I think the smalltalk VM has a interesting feature of the "become" operation. [..] The become operation provide a most dynamic feature for the VM platform. [It would] support hot-replacing an object with another object, support more interesting AOP or dynamic features."

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Our MVP gets married