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Posted by daniel on May 26, 2005 at 8:57 AM PDT

Last call for Anniversary cards

I guess deadlines are made to be missed. We had a request to open the submissions up again for anniversary cards for our second birthday. Take out your camera or draw your pictures of Duke helping us celebrate's second anniversary and email them to us by next Tuesday. We'll email you back when we've received your submission. Thanks.

Cool news from Pat Niemeyer in today's Weblogs. He announces JSR-274 - Standardizing BeanShell. " The goal of this JSR will be to formalize the langauge and provide the RI and TCK which will allow it to be included in a future release of the J2SE. This effort will build upon the introduction of the javax.script API by providing a standard, Java syntax compatible, scripting language as part of the Java platform."

Marc Hadley has some updates in WADL Revision. "I got some useful feedback following the publication of my original Web Application Description Language - herewith a revised specification."

Arun Gupta links to an article by Frank Sommers on creating Web services using JAX-RPC 2.0. Also, Eitan Suez helps the JUG community in Getting to know each other. " I'm proud to announce that the JUGs community's first JUG Profile interview is now published: a JUG Profile with JUG.RU (JUG.RU is based in St. Petersburg, Russia)."

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, in his JavaWorld article Secure data files embedded in MIDP applications Simon Ru writes, " as consumers upgrade to new generations of phones, a new breed of knowledge-based MIDP applications with practical uses are getting noticed. [..] Unlike games, the value of knowledge-based applications lies in the data. Due to the hardware-imposed simplicity of a MIDP application, if the data file is compromised, one can easily come up with a competing application. [..] Until the cost of wireless data comes down and wireless connections become more reliable and ubiquitous, embedding the data file into the MIDP JAR is the only option. Therefore, protecting the data file from copyright thefts becomes imperative."

In the Core Java Tech Tip on The enhanced for loop you will see how to move from familiar loops over arrays and collections to the new construct. You can often eliminate the need to explicitly create an iterator. The language feature added in Tiger is also designed to simplify your work with generics.

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, the JavaDesktop Community's front page has The Last Word in Swing Threads. This Sun Developer Network article describes how the SwingWorker class uses J2SE 5.0 concurrency to move expensive tasks off the event-dispatch thread while still maintaining Swing thread-safety.

The NetBeans Community home page has posted a link to the transcript of the May 3, 2005 NetBeans 4.1 chat. This chat discusses NetBeans support for JSF's, web services, Mustang... and how a lucky few can get the new NetBeans Field Guide for free.

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Last call for Anniversary cards