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Posted by daniel on May 30, 2005 at 7:05 AM PDT


I was just sitting here saying to myself, "do you know what we really need? Another license for code." CDDL, JRL, and JIUL might be a whole lot better than SCSL but it seems as if Sun is releasing new licenses more often than dot releases of J2SE.

There are some people who live for licenses, and they are already weighing in on Ray Gans blog. There may be wonderful new features of the Java Internal Use License - I'm not knocking the license. We've just seen a lot of conversation in the forums on whether or not Harmony is justified if "all that it does is change the licensing of J2SE". With the additional license now available for Tiger source code, it seems as if having the right license for the Java source code is important to those inside of and outside of Sun. The difference of opinion is in what is meant by "the right license".

Ray Gans blogs Java Internal Use License (JIUL) released for JDK 5.0 in today's Weblogs. "End-users of Sun's implementations of J2SE 5.0 now have the ability under the JIUL to fix any critical issue in the code that adversely affects their business operations. In addition, Sun will waive the commercial requirement to pass the Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) for J2SE (a.k.a. the JCK) as long as all code changes are made with diligence to assure the resulting implementation remains true to the specification and that its use is restricted to the licensee's internal business or organization."

Greg Sporrar has some thoughts About that proxy server. He takes you through the details from examples created by "Roman Strobl [who] shows how easy it is to create a client that uses Google's web services API. Brian Leonard also does a demo of a web services client that uses Google."

Kirill Grouchnikov discusses Using Java compiler in your Web Start application. He has some generated java source files which he needs to compile and load. He discusses the problems with the standard tools.jar technique and how to create a more flexible solution.

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, Krishnan Viswanath has written Java Annotation Facility - A Primer. For better or worse, annotations are now popping up everywhere. His article takes you through
"defining annotation types, how to use defined types as annotation and how to go about generating code or other supporting files based on annotation." He concludes, "This new and powerful technology is transforming the way we code. As more and more tools and products start using this facility, developers will realize improved quality in their code and a concomitant increase in productivity."

Why are web services so popular? Debu Panda says that an "independence of platform and implementation technology is the primary reason for web services' popularity. The clients do not have to know the implementation technology involved and can simply invoke the service over the network." However, building and configuring a web service is an involved process, and Constructing Services with J2EE shows how it's done.

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, from the Mac Java Community page: the ADC article Develop for Java with NetBeans 4.1 on Mac OS X offers an introduction to the popular open-source Java IDE, walking through the basics of setting up and building a Hello World application.

Ray Gans blogs about the new Java Internal Use License. "This license lets developers easily make changes to the JDK for internal deployments. It's free, click-through and should be easy-to-read by non-lawyers."

In today's Forums,
writes "actually, copyright is implicit not explicit. Nowhere do you need to file your copyright (not anymore, used to be you had to until about 40 years ago at least in the US) though it can help with enforcement in some cases if you do file. The moment you commit something to any medium it's copyrighted to you (or to whomever you signed over copyright contractually like an employer) unless you explicitly denounce your rights."

Wantar argues "Code is art. Just as some musicians makes a living pouring their soul into songs - while others never get their "break", so some coders are lucky enough make a living pouring their ideas into binary - while the rest of us are stuck following the whims of the latest marketing research. Whoever makes a living doing what they love always has higher-ups to please. "

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