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Blarg #16: OpenOffice Rocks! er, it doesn't. Oh yeah, now it does (Unless I broke it?)!

Posted by jfalkner on June 2, 2005 at 10:06 AM PDT

Making a big poster? OpenOffice Impress is the tool for you, even if it appears to have PowerPoint-like limitations. After Google let me down, I found this tidbit buried far too deep in the forums. Once again I'm blargging to get this in Google's archive.

Here is what you do when the OpenOffice Impress GUI tries to limit the size of a slide.

  1. Unzip your .sxi file
  2. Manually change the size to what you want, e.g. 3"x8"
  3. ZIP everything back in to a .sxi file

Here is a more complete HOWTO, including an example poster that I'll be showing at ASMS 2005.

Alternatively, download and use this template to make 3"x8" posters.

Happy poster making! Any folks in the know? Does this break anything?