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Talking more openly

Posted by daniel on June 2, 2005 at 6:50 AM PDT

What's coming in Mustang

Say what you will about lawyers and licenses, it looks as if Sun has been serious about making the J2SE development process more open. Members of the team have been blogging more about what is going on and there has been a lot of open discussion in forums about bugs and issues. Are you going to get everything you want fixed in Mustang? No - but the engineers seem pretty willing to discuss the things that aren't going to make it if you ask them in a reasonable way.

Most big companies have a core of smart and good people who often aren't allowed to be as smart or as good as they can be - at least not in public. Blog entries like the recent post by Bino George, help us understand some of what is going on. Can we steer the process? Not as much as we'd like and yet more than before. Combine Bino's post with Daniel Brookshier's today and you might make some plans for JavaOne. Look for those engineers who have been posting in the forums or in the blogs and ask to sit down with them over a beverage of their choice.

In today's Weblogs, Bino writes about the New AWT Features in Mustang.

In the most recent Mustang builds, the AWT Team has integrated several highly requested features and bug fixes. Please check out the latest Mustang build (anything after b38) and let us know what you think.

Do you know which version of MMAPI you are using?
, Vikram Goyal explains that the "J2ME wireless toolkit 2.2 comes with the promise of a reference implementation of MMAPI 1.1. However, the actual version distributed with the toolkit is 1.0 and not 1.1. So where is the actual reference implementation (RI) of the Mobile Media API (MMAPI) 1.1?"

Daniel Brookshier is getting a little excited about going to this month's JavaOne conference. In Want to have your brain explode? he writes "Meeting someone real-time enhances what you know about a person and it's usually a little disorienting (ok, you will not really explode) You never know if the next person is going to make your day, year, or life better and my mission at JavaOne is to meet as many people as I can."

In Also in
Java Today
, in the article Fast and Easy XML Processing, hosted as part of the JAXP project, Neeraj Bajaj shows some of the benefits of upgrading to JAXP 1.3. "JAXP 1.3 brings richer XML Schema datatype support to the Java platform by
adding new datatypes that map to W3C XML Schema datatypes. Keeping pace with the evolution of XML standards, JAXP 1.3 also adds complete support for the following standards: XML 1.1, DOM L3, XInclude, and
SAX 2..0.2. All this has already gone into the Java platform in the latest release of J2SE 5.0. If you are on J2SE 1.3 or 1.4, a standalone stable implementation of JAXP 1.3 is also available to download from"

A Java Tools Forum discussion is debating ideas presented by Bob Brewin, Sun's Chief Architect for
Developer Tools. In a recent interview, he claims "we are rapidly approaching the point -- if we are not there already -- where
applications are too complex for a classic IDE, much less the developer, to comprehend." The discussion begins with questions like "Are we seeing a comeback of higher level, case like IDEs?" and "Do you want easier frameworks or easier tools?"

In Projects and
the Embedded Java Community's news section links to a press release for the SmartControl SC-210/211, described as "rugged, network-enabled HMI computers with colour LCD and touch screen [...] and featuring full support for the Java programming language."

Robert Eckstein has written an article introducing Refactoring in NetBeans 4.1. The currently supported refactorings are renaming entities, encapsulating fields, changing method parameters, and moving classes.

Should there be a CD Burning Low Level API for Mustang ?
In today's Forums,
swpalmer writes "This should not be in the core APIs, but it could be a standard extension. It might make sense as part of the package (If only Sun didn't drop the ball on JMF, we could have a pure Java video editing package like iMovie and iDVD). I think it makes more sense to start this as its own project on along the lines of JDIC... see how it goes from there.

Find out How to Build Mustang with VS.NET 2003. Vijayj writes "Currently our build requires the Microsoft Platform Software Development Kit (SDK), November 2001 Edition compiler to build our deploy workspace. After the VC.NET 2003 compiler switch, we will be looking into the possibility of moving our MSSDK as well. At present we don't have the target date for this."

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What's coming in Mustang