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SVG Goodness

Posted by javaben on June 14, 2005 at 12:30 AM PDT

Over at my other home, I've been talking a little about SVG's role in this new Ajax re-labeling of good ol'e DHTML techniques. I find a future where manipulating vector graphics and HTML constructs through the same API (and hint hint, it ain't DOM) all in a browser very interesting.

But Java desktop developers don't have to wait until the future to start incorporating SVG into their applications. Thanks to the Batik project, Swing applications can embed gorgeous (and often interactive) SVG files into their UIs today. I think the Klondike solitaire and Spain map examples from Batik are particularly compelling.

While I've long advocated the SVG/Batik combination as an excellent way to create beautiful, data-driven static graphics, Firefox's upcoming SVG support has interested me in SVG's potential as a user interface technology (and having the Batik team recently release a 10x faster version of their project for my Mac certainly helped that along) to supplement or replace more traditional GUIs. Cool stuff...

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