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Distributed Collections, and Maps

Posted by hamada on June 14, 2005 at 11:56 PM PDT

There's no reason to wonder any longer. The JXTA platform is well suited for the task, and provides several mechanisms which allow a variety of features which can be offered by such applications. i.e.

Imagine if members of a JXTA virtual multicast group could dynamically self organize, then they can easily self organize into replica and consumer nodes, whereby objects are transparently replicated within a given JXTA virtual mutlicast group. In addition through the use of these virtual channels, nodes can detect node failures and dynamically self adapt their designation within the group. Also, mobile nodes can continue to participate within the group without the need to reconfigure. It is this dynamic nature of the JXTA platform, with which, one can achieve scalable and fault tolerant applications with a bit of code.

I have been in discussion about this with my Sun colleagues and Some of the JXTA community members and so far we don't see any inhibitors to implementing simple distributed Maps, or Collections, which can serve as the foundation for more complex incarnations.

We invite you to join the discussion of such features on, or

It's time for alternatives.

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