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Blogging JavaOne

Posted by dmax69 on June 15, 2005 at 12:21 PM PDT

Arun Gupta's Blog a few days back referenced joint Sun/Microsoft sessions at JavaOne. Clearly, interoperability between Java and .NET is of some interest to developers of all persuasions. But as a veteran of the first J2EE vs. .NET Smackdown in Tulsa (April, 2002), I must admit that the thought of an entire track at JavaOne, fully supported by both Sun and the Redmond Giant, is sometimes a little disconcerting. In the end, of course it is better for all concerned ... dualing platforms, at some point, stops making competitive sense. The fact that Microsoft and Sun are finally cooperating is probably good for both of their respective user bases, not to mention the health of developers. I do, however, now have a better appreciation for how veterans of World War II must have felt when Volkswagens and Toyotas were first introduced in American markets. Alas, there is more than code in legacy systems.

So the big story at JavaOne should be the Microsoft/Sun engagement, and how that plays out in the various sessions. But there may be other observations that would be equally compelling to review ... what would you like to read about from JavaOne this year?

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