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GlassFish external commitor

Posted by carlavmott on June 22, 2005 at 11:56 AM PDT

GlassFish has it's first external commitor, Jacob Hookom! Wait, how is that possible? It's only been a couple of weeks. Well, although GlassFish has been available on for only a few weeks, Jacob has worked with the JSF and webtier teams for over a year where he as contributed ideas and code to both projects.

Jacob originally got involved with the JSF-RI when he wrote a JSF specific EL implementation. While working and contributing to the JSF-RI, he was able to offer other ideas which lead him to join the JSF 1.2 EG. Once things were fleshed out for the alignment of JSP 2.1 and JSF 1.2; he was included on web tier discussions where he introduced the concept of deferred variable resolution for JSTL and JSF integration. He also turned the JSF EL implementation into a reference implementation for the EL-API that's able to optimally handle the unique requirements of a JSF application's lifecycle.

Here's a quote from him:

"The employees from Sun are always accessible and extremely receptive to new ideas; not only within the projects, but also as specification leaders in the JCP."

In addition, Jacob has his own project on called Facelets which is a sub-project of the JSF-RI.

We are very excited to have Jacob on the team and we would love to have others participate in GlassFish too. There are several ways to participate
and we encourage you to do so. Join in on the technical discussions on the alias and GlassFish forum, submit a bug, request a feature or provide a patch for a new feature or bug fix.

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