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Sitting Here in the Desert

Posted by edort on June 21, 2005 at 2:54 PM PDT

Well the heat has hit Las Vegas, my hometown of over a year now. We were pretty lucky there for a while. Late Spring temperatures usually climb into the 100s and sometimes spike into the 110s. But this Spring was delightful, with no day getting above the mid-90s (at least that I can recall).

Right now it's 106, and will probably climb another degree or two. And with the rise in the misery index, my thoughts increasingly turn to the much more tolerable temperatures of San Francisco.

Next week I'll be among the throng of attendees at the 2005 JavaOne Conference. And I'm getting pretty excited. No, it's not just the heat talking. It's the opportunity to see old friends, compare notes, and see what's new and cool in the technology (O.K. I did say cool, so maybe the climate is talking).

I took a quick scan of the schedule and I've got to admit that on paper this looks like one of the best JavaOne Conferences ever. How can you not be interested in sessions with titles like "A Hitckhiker's Guide to SOA" or BOFs like "Memory Leaks be Gone!"? And of course, just the opportunity to see James Gosling demostrate another tee shirt launching gizmo is worth the price of admission alone. I fully expect that one of these years, a tee shirt launched from one of these contraptions will hit with such force that the poor fool who attempts to catch it will be launched himself.

Then there are the guys like Graham Hamilton, Bill Shannon, and Mark Hapner. Perhaps they're not as cool as Gosling, but they always put on a good show.

This year I'm particularly interested in all things Service-Oriented Architecture. I get the sense that this is the year that the buzz around SOA turns into solid implementations and deployments.

Who knows? Maybe somewhere along the line Gosling will demo a tee shirt launching service complete with WSDL entry.

See ya all next week at Moscone.