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The Calm Before the Storm

Posted by sfharris on June 27, 2005 at 12:42 AM PDT

It's the day before the really big show - JavaOne 2005. I can feel the energy in the air, everyone is excited to see what this year's conference will bring.

This year, I was invited to join the Community Leaders in their first ever mind meld, aka the Community Leaders weekend. I spent the weekend at the Sun Microsystems office, listening to lots of really great ideas and meeting the many hardworking folks that make our community run. I was one of several project owners in attendance. I was extremely impressed by the dedication of everyone who attended this event and all the hard work and thought that goes into making the community such a great success! I learned a great deal by attending; there were many incredible discussions about our community, looking back and into the future.

My project (Mnemos) belongs to the java-tools community. The leaders of that community (Fabiane, Daniel and Rogerio) came all the way from all over the world to attend. It was great to put a face with the people who have provided so much support to myself and the other project owners of that community. They have helped to build the community to several hundred projects since they began as community leaders about a year ago.

Tonight I spent time pulling together my schedule for the week. As in years past, it is almost overwhelming to see all the activities, sessions, presentations there are this week. If you are still pulling together your schedule, I will be doing a presentation on my project at 12:30PM on Monday at the Community Corner which is located in the Pavillion - stop in if you want to hear about mnemos, a lightweight persistance object oriented system.

Having attended JavaOne in the past, my alumni status allowed me to attend the "Fireside Chat". There were five particpants on the panel which confused me bit. I couldn't figure out which one was supposed to be President Roosevelt.

But seriously, it's a great event that allows us plain ol' folk access to the top level decision makers for the Java Language.

As you might imagine the questions ran the entire gamut. Such concerns as "How will Java interoperate with .Net and the CLR" and "Will EJB3.0 obliviate JDO" topped the bill.

Someone asked when the deprecated methods will finally be removed from Java. Graham Hamilton's (perhaps not so surprising answer) - they will never be, although perhaps some may be undeprecated.

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