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Java One - X - Early Monday

Posted by dmax69 on June 27, 2005 at 7:38 AM PDT

I generally tend to wake early on travel days with the nagging thought that I need to repack my bags, even though I pretty well packed everything the night before. Yesterday morning was no exception. My alarm was set for 6:30, but it didn't get the chance to go off.

Habitually, I unpacked my suitcase, surveyed everything I'd accomplished Saturday night, and repacked again from scratch, and in the process managed to cut back on one pair of shoes, one T-shirt, two pair of socks and some underwear ... okay, so I overpack.


I was ready to roll by 8am, so I had an hour to kill before my ride arrived ... again, a creature of habit.

We finally left Nashville on Southwest Flight 660 a little before 11am on Sunday, landing in Oakland a little before 2pm local time. I am travelling with the CEO of my firm, Timothy Estes. I think it was my idea that we come to JavaOne this year, though he required little in the way of arm-twisting: Java Platform technologies are important to a lot of organizations, including our customers. Plus, we had other business we to accomplish while in the bay area. So between my blogging the event, actual business to be done and ample schmoozing opportunities, we should stay pretty busy.

DukeTShirt.jpg style="width: 200px; height: 293px;" align="left">

By the time we claimed our luggage, arranged for car service into the city, checked in our rooms and hiked to the Moscone registration area (by way of Mel's Diner) it was nearly 5pm. As an JavaOne alumni, my badge got me into the (yawn) fireside chat, featuring Hal Stern, Graham Hamilton and Gosling, among others. The attendance was sparse – maybe 400 in a room that would hold three times that many. And there seemed to be a sense of exhaustion in the room ... or maybe it was me.

I left before the official end of the fireside, finding little in the way of heat or warmth by the side of that particular fire. One baiting question regarding the Microsoft track this year wasn't taken ... Gosling did start in on how he had seen Microsoft-enabled phones in Europe that only ran JVMs, but Graham Hamilton quickly piped in with what must now be the Sun party line in terms of interoperability being good for customers ... and of course he is right. It's interesting to watch the political shifting sands though – in the end, maybe it was the entertainment value that was important all along.

The give-away this year includes a JavaOne backpack and a 10 year anniversary Duke T-shirt, both of which are pictured here. What, no jPod?

Hoofing it back to the Pan Pacific, which is a nice haunt for the price, I was still on Nashville time, so got settled in well before the city entered the nocturnal shift change – I saved this entry on my hard drive to upload this morning as I now watch the sleepy crowd saunder into the Moscone. I'm still on Nashville time, is seems.

More to come for the 10th JavaOne ...

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