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The Power Game

Posted by editor on June 27, 2005 at 12:34 PM PDT

JavaOne is underway, with a lenghty Monday morning general session laying out the future of the Java SE and Java EE platforms. I took dutiful notes, for use in a show recap that will appear on ONJava Wednesday night. When it was over, my battery had about a 21% charge.

That's when it hit me: there are no power stips in the public areas

Last year's JavaOne was generous with the access to power - my routine was to lounge by the video games atop Moscone South, plug in, and recharge.

Not so this year. I've already developed an eagle eye for spotting spare outlets: hey, there's a strip poking out from under that table... hey, there's a free outlet on the strip powering those XBoxes... hey, if I unplugged this SunRay, do you think anyone would notice?

Unless the situation is particularly better in the session rooms, we're going to have a whole bunch of dead batteries and unhappy campers early this afternoon.

I'm writing from the press room, which has a few strips hidden under the tables - battery now at 47% - but that's not a solution to everyone else who mingles in public areas. I'm thinking very seriously about walking up to CompUSA and buying a power strip to lug around this week so I can share what few outlets I find with others.

BTW, if you find a good source of recharge power, don't hoard! Please post it to the talkbacks!

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