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JavaOne 2005 - Day One

Posted by arungupta on June 28, 2005 at 12:57 AM PDT

174 Technical Sessions

158 Birds-Of-Feather

44 Hands-on Labs

8000-10000 people in the room

2000 in the overflow room

250,000 on the web

Moscone Center, Jun 27th, 2005, 9:00am

As always, John
(Sun's Chief Researcher and Science Office Director) started
out with statistics and always a pleasure to hear him. Well, the last
one is mine :) Here is a front-page href="">article
about the various announcements made this morning in the keynote
session regarding Java platform. The general session highlights are href="">here.

Today's general session presenters were:

  • Jonathan
    (Sun's President and Chief Operating Officer)
  • John
    (Executive Vice President, Software Group)
  • Graham Hamilton
    (Sun Fellow in the Java team)
  • href="">Bill
    Shannon (Distinguished Engineer, architect of Java EE)
  • href="">Mark
    Hapner (Sun's Chief Web Services Strategist)

I really liked the title of Jonathan Schwartz's slides: "The Participation Age is
Now!". And indeed his entire presentation was about Sun's involvement
in the community and the socio-economic impact Java is making in the
world today. Here are some examples he quoted in the presentation:

  • MIT: Providing downloadable video instructions for their courses
  • EBay: A $40B economy
  • Brazil: Their medical facilities put CDC at shame
  • United Nations: Trying to fight world hunger and connecting all
    world leaders
  • EA: Online and console gaming

The descriptions are from my personal notes and you can view the entire href="">webcast here anyway.

Jonathan introduced a new acronym (at least I did not hear it earlier) today
to stress the importance of Sun's relationship with open source

FOSS: Free Open Source Software

And he stressed the importance of "free" to enable adoption.

Here are some more statistics presented by John
on the Java nation:

Statistics Numbers Growth/year
Devices 2.58 billion  
Java Powered Phones 708 million  
PC-based 700 million  
Handset Models from
32 manufacturers
600 million 77%
Carrier Deployments 140 50%
Java Card Deployment 1 billion 67%
Java Developers 4.5 million 12%

The number worth noting is that for the first time Java-powered phones
deployments are exceeding desktop-based Java deployments (marginal but higher) !

The first finalist in the t-shirt
hurling contest
showed up with James
but there was a mechanical
with the device and then muscle power was used to throw the t-shirts

And while James was explaining the mechanism behind the device to John Gage, Scott
, in his "kick butts have fun"-style walked up the stage,
interrupted the discussion and said "Gang, this is 10th anniversary of
Java, you said there is going to be celebration, where is the cake ? where is
the band ?" And then all of a sudden you see a band of 10 people coming
from the back of the room and 2 persons (dressed like chef) carrying a huge cake
to celebrate Java's 10th anniversary. There were candles in the background of
the stage, the original Green
was invited on the stage, there was confetti flying all over and it
became very pumped up for sometime.

Back to techie stuff, I attended the following sessions today: 

  • "Java Business Integration: A Foundation for SOA" by Peter
    Walker and Ron
  • "Yet More Programming Puzzlers" by Joshua Bloch and Neal
  • Inside Axis 2: A Next-Generation Web Services Toolkit by Glen Daniels

I've a booth duty tomorrow, a technical rehearsal in the evening and then a
late night bof to present. And I'd like to conclude this entry with a quote from
Mark Hapner this morning: Have a rich, hectic and fun JavaOne!

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