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Cool ocean remote monitoring mini-talks

Posted by scottschram on June 27, 2005 at 9:53 PM PDT

UPDATE: 6/28/2005 This project was just awarded the Duke's Choice Award by James Gosling, Scott McNealy, and the Java technology leadership team.

At JavaOne, is hosting some interesting mini-talks in their pavillion booth.

The NetBEAMS project (not to be confused with the IDE) places wired and wireless sensors throughout San Francisco Bay that report back temperature, pressure, salinity and turbidity.

NetBEAMS Ocean Remote Sensor

(Picture: NetBEAMS Remote Ocean Sensor, click for larger versions.)

This information is transmitted via cell phones and uses some cool technologies:

JDDAC Java Distributed Data Acquisition and Control (hosted at


JXTA Peer-to-peer for cell phones, etc.

Mini-talks on these topics are scheduled for the booth on Tuesday at JavaOne.

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