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My TS spotlight for Tuesday - FI and iStack TS

Posted by pelegri on June 27, 2005 at 11:44 PM PDT

Tuesday will be another day full of presentations at JavaOne'05, but I want to highlight two that are based on projects in our Java WS and XML Community.
A full list of all the TS and BOFs related to our community is listed

First TS-3477; at 1:30pm, in Moscone Center/Hall E 134, Kohsuke, Doug and Rajiv will talk about the new iStack implementation that supports JAX-WS 2.0 and JAXB 2.0. This is a very interesting implementation that aggresively uses
annotations to deliver improved ease of development, ease of deployment, smaller footprint, and high performance.

Then, at 4pm, in the same Moscone Center/Hall E 134, Paul, Santiago and Don are presenting TS-7187 where they will give the latest update on Fast Infoset.
Paul and Santiago will talk about the standard, which was
finalized recently
and the
Don will talk about how the
specification uses FI and will show a demo showing the performance gains this enables.
Incidentally, X3D is what was used in the demo of the Ultra 20 at the general
session on Monday morning.

iStack is implemented by the
jax-rpc and
jaxb projects,
the core Fast Infoset implementation is in the
FI project,
while the integration with JAX-RPC 1.1 is at the
jax-rpc project.
All these projects are, or will be as soon as we come back to work after JavaOne,
based on open source licenses, and are part of project



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