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From the community corner

Posted by daniel on June 29, 2005 at 6:48 AM PDT

From the keynote to the show floor to the sessions it seems as if is everywhere. Stop by the booth and check out some of the presentations from our community and project leaders. If you are a member pick up your sticker - if you aren't, we're happy to sign you up and then give you a sticker. It's nice to see what a large percent of attendees are community members.

It struck me during the keynote, how much activity there is on that people don't know about. Many of the people with cool projects on stage this morning during Scott McNealy's keynote address host their code on our site. The JUIC project is being used to speed up produce transactions. This same mobile phone bidding system can be adapted to other industries.

The highlight of the morning address for me was to see Fabiane Bizinella Nardon in a video on the Brazilian health system and then to see her on stage with McNealy. Her group is doing great work making it easier for Brazilians to get easier access to health care. Instead of having to fill out multiple forms with the same information about name, allergies, etc., a person's data is available throughout the health care system. Nardon told stories of how this has dramatically reduced the wait time for service. Their system is open sourced and people in other countries can access and adapt their code base.

This fit in with McNealy's challenge to help eliminate the digital divide. Healthcare was one of his targets. He said "no industry is more screwed up than the computer industry, except healthcare." He cited statistics that included 98,000 preventable deaths each year. He then turned to Education as being disjointed and fragmented. Some of his goals included providing students and teachers access to the best content, addressing the needs for better teacher education, and helping schools with the challenges of technology obsolescence. The GELC community is helping with these efforts.

After a busy day in sessions and on the show floor, Chris Adamson and I headed over to the Communities in Action party. There and other Java-based communities set up tables and talked to people about what they are doing. It was one of those gatherings that really personalized the conference. So many people have come to know each other from this gathering each year that it's a great time to catch up with developers working on interesting projects with interesting technology.

Scott Schram took this picture of Bruno Souza with the JUGs community mascot "Juggy".

The JUGs Community launches its new mascot, is everywhere