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JavaOne Day 3

Posted by editor on June 30, 2005 at 7:26 AM PDT

Reaching the breaking point

JavaOne is a conference not timid in its ambition. With keynotes as early as 8 AM and BoF's stretching until 11:30 PM, perhaps only ADHOC/MacHack is more determined to keep paricipants from sleeping. And on Day 3, participants who've been slamming down sessions, BoF's and walking the pavilion may finally be hitting the breaking point. It wasn't hard on this day to finally say "Enough!" and flop down in a beanbag chair in front of the big-screen JavaOne highlights in Moscone South, or in Moscone North with one of the XBoxes playing Halo 2 and Madden NFL 2005.

To cap the last three days of activity, JavaOne's "After Dark Bash" featured comedian Dennis Miller, an all-female Led Zeppelin cover band, and throngs of attendees trying to keep going. For those still determined to learn and share information, Birds of a Feather sessions offered a gathering of Jini developers, an editor's roundtable, and advice on writing a Java book, among many, many other topics.

The energy level has been high, and there is perhaps a sense of renewed optimism among certain segments of the Java population. Client-side Java sessions attracted many attendees, and a session showing how J2ME will be used to power the interactive features on Blu-Ray movie discs was completely sold out.

Day four wraps things up with James Gosling's address, the finale of the annual t-shirt hurling contest (one element of the conference that has been a bust compared to years prior), and a final slate of sessions. We'll probably also see attendees making a last run on the book store in Moscone North, and the gift shop under Moscone South. It's your last chance for a plushy Duke, as seen in the picture below (taken by Scott Schram).

Reaching the breaking point