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JavaOne Gosling keynote (pictures)

Posted by scottschram on June 30, 2005 at 1:05 PM PDT

In his Thursday keynote, James Gosling talked about the NetBEAMS ocean monitoring project, previously mentioned here, as well as Boeing's Java-piloted drone. Real-time Java doesn't interrupt important threads for garbage collection, which is very important for keeping the plane flying, and would be so nice for Tomcat apps, too!

Gosling jokingly said the most amazing thing about JavaOne was that the audience didn't try to kill Dennis Miller. Miller had indicated that he supports some of the president's recent actions (but also indicated that he was a social libertarian.) I didn't see any protest signs last night... the entire audience might not share Gosling's views just because they program in his language.

UPDATE: Some friends suggested that people were offended because of Miller's politically incorrect statements. That's always his entire act, and should be no surprise. I saw some people leave. And return with more drinks. We now return you to matters of interest to Java developers.

The Moscone Center and their corporate insurers did not have faith enough in real-time Java to allow the 40 pound vehicle to fly around the hall, but you could enjoy looking at it mounted on a stick. (click pictures for larger sizes)

Boeing real-time Java piloted drone

Some developers prefer to watch the keynote on a giant TV, sitting on comfy beanbag chairs.

James Gosling, real and surreal

Yes, that's the itty bitty "real" Gosling in the lower left.

Itty bitty live Gosling

John Gage of Sun showed the ability to drag running Java applications from a Windows PC to a Mac and back, without interrupting the processes. He said this will be useful for mobile devices to transfer their processes to the network for more computing power.

Goodbye JavaOne 2005, it's been fun.

Goodbye JavaOne, see you next year

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