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Open Sourcing the Rest of App Server

Posted by driscoll on July 15, 2005 at 12:07 PM PDT

As you know, we've open sourced Sun's AS PE (as Project GlassFish). Recently, some people have taken us to task on not doing the rest of it too. Leaving aside the "geez, are we ever going to not get flack" factor, I thought I'd post this...

In a recent article in Developer Pipeline, my boss got asked about opening the rest of it:

CRN: Will all editions of the application server be available under the CDDL? The version currently available is the platform edition.

SCHWARTZ: If Johnny has his druthers, yes. There's no reason for us to hold anything back. Open source doesn't mean free, as in no revenue.

Now, if you read closely, he didn't say yes. So don't go getting worked up over this. But here's the thing about my boss: Read his blog. Now, imagine this: he means everything he says. Sun is committed to Open Source.

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