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Greetings, introducing myself

Posted by robogeek on July 8, 2005 at 9:47 AM PDT

I am new to the blogging crew, and since this is my first posting here I thought to introduce myself.

My name is David Herron and I work in the Java SE Quality Engineering team. I have also been blogging at if you want to see what I've been saying in the past, and I have a personal blog site at

What I expect to bring to the blogs is exposure for the how Java is tested at Sun, and testing issues in general.

Why "Robogeek"? Read The birth of Robot, Testing Java GUI applications & multiple platforms, The bottom level of GUI automation tools etc. To summarize, I wrote the Solaris/Linux half of the original version of the java.awt.Robot class ... get it? Robot ==> RoboGeek? Never mind. It's probably too silly of a joke.

Anyway, for a long time I've been interested and working on in GUI test automation tools. I'll try to share some of that knowledge here.

In general what I find exciting about my job is the opportunity to contribute to the efficiency of the team that tests Java. To know that you all expect Java to be highly reliable, functional, perform well, and so forth, and the excitement is to be able to assist the team validates all that for y'all.

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