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Javaone news highlights. Open Source Java

Posted by calvinaustin on May 16, 2006 at 9:29 AM PDT

So Jonathan has taken stage. The first item he wanted to discuss was Suns Niagara hardware sparc try and buy program so that you can now download free hardware.

Next came one of the conference sponsors, Ed Zander with Motorola who picked up a duke choice for a Motorola phone. Then the JDK java distro license change was introduced by Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu fame. Jonathan hinted about Ubuntu on 'servers', which of course ubuntu already runs on servers and then asked about support on ubuntu on Sparc. Mark did not confirm anything.

Next Marc Fleury came on with a red hat(beret) and hinted some collaboration with Sun and Redhat and that redhat was joining Netbeans. Redhat have been making their own eclipse edition so far.

Next Rich Green was invited to say that Sun is working out how to open source Java and not whether it would be open sourced. Given the time to open source solaris I wouldn't expect anything to happen for a while. I hope this is a real announcement and not playing for time.

Next Jeff Jackson is talking about Java EE 5. Which is already has an open source implementation and had the jcp members stand on stage and Jeet to discuss how to use blogs from the Glassfish community!

Next came J2EE and AJAX demos from Craig and Greg, knowing Craig the beer finder was a useful google mashup