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New: 3D Math, Viet Nam eLearning, Vocabulary & Open Grade Book in Global Education & Learning Community

Posted by turbogeek on July 15, 2005 at 11:07 AM PDT

This week we have three great projects from three different parts of the world. Here is this week's crop of great ideas from three countries.

o nb-elearning - eLearning Portal Services for Viet Nam

o Open Gradebook - Open source gradebook for teachers

o VICS3D - Interactive Visualizer of Curves and Discrete 3D Surfaces (Portuguese Interface)

o Dictionary - Learning a vocabulary of an specified idiom

These are some great projects from language to math to helping students and teachers. Since these are new projects in our community, if you find these interesting, email the owners and volunteer to help. We are a community and lending a helping hand makes us a stronger community. Here are a few more details on each of these projects and the email addresses of the owners:

nb-elearning - eLearning Services in Viet Nam


This project is used to developing Elearning services in Viet Nam. This project is just starting, but if you are Vietnamese or can help out, please join this project.

Open Grade Book - Web-Based Grade Book for Teachers

The goal of this project is to create an non-intrusive open source gradebook built for teachers, but accessible by parents and students. The application uses Tapestry as its front-end, Spring and Hibernate for the back-end. Any database that Hibernate supports should work but MySQL is used for development

Dictionary - Learning a vocabulary of an specified idiom


There is a prototype application based on Java ServerFaces technology. The application is used for learning a vocabulary of an specified idiom, like english or spanish. Although the application is a multi dictionary in many languages, the original intention is to be a usefull tool to learn vocabulary.

VICS3D - Interactive Visualizer of Curves and Discrete 3D Surfaces (Portuguese Interface)


Another application from our members in Brazil. Drawing surfaces and curves in three dimensions is not easy but it is a key tool for students are learning Calculus, Geometry and Algebra. The objective of this project is to create a modeller of curves and surfaces with a simple interface that allows the students to draw, manipulate, and to modify curves and surfaces in the two or three-dimensional space.

The surfaces and curves would are drawn in the systems of cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinates. The orientation of the systems of coordinate and viewpoint can be modified in real time through controls in the visualizer. The current version already has quite a few options.

The interface is in Portuguese. but we can only hope they get a multi-language interface soon. Here is a picture of what they have so far:

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