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MIDP + DoJa = Mojo for Sun?

Posted by gvix on July 19, 2005 at 3:40 AM PDT

Javaworld reports that Sun and Japan's NTT DoCoMo have combined forces to update DoCoMo's inbuilt Java platform. This platform, called DoJa, was built by NTT in 2001 and is the primary platform for developing applications on mobile phones in Japan.

Why, you may ask. Why not upgrade DoJa to MIDP 2.0 instead, rather than creating a separate breed of the J2ME platform? There is enough fragmentation in the J2ME world as it is, without deliberately creating more.

I think the answer lies in the market sustainability of the DoJa brand. Obviously, DoJa is a stronger market force than MIDP in Japan and NTT would like to keep backing the winning horse.

According to the Javaworld report, Takeshi Natsuno, senior vice president of multimedia services at NTT DoCoMo says: "Both DoJa and MIDP have good points. The next Java should take advantage of both, But rather than combining DoJa and MIDP, we should be thinking from scratch. ... We're not intending to merge [them], but to take a reference from both sides and think about what should be the Java platform for future phones."

I am not familiar with the Japanese market and would like comments from people who are.

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