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CVE and Wippog project Spotlight

Posted by turbogeek on August 10, 2005 at 2:05 AM PDT

The Wippog project and the CVE project with uses it has just entered a stable release. This spotlight talks with the project owner to look at a great mix and a cool way to work with dynamic interfaces.

Project Names & Links:

Cve - Cooperative Visual Environment

Wippog Transition definition language for reactive systems

Project Owner Names: Cve (Ventriglia) - Wippog ( paolodt, bottoni)

City: Rome


Tell us a little about yourself

I'm domenico ventriglia. I'm 33 years old. I'm project manager in a group that include the most important Italian newspaper. I work on managing of on-line service. I collaborate with computer science university department in Rome

As you may know, I do talks on Java. Have you talked at any Java conferences?

Yes, I was speaker in java Italian conference in Milan 1999 . Main conferences:

Tell us a about the project and why you started it.

Wippog is a resourse- based model called Wippog and a relative rule based language for multiset transformations. This is a general purpose engine and the key word is configuration. Use cases are: system configuration, human-computer interaction, error management and visual interaction management (cve project is a particular case).

Since your project is released, do you have any success stories?

Wippog project is used in many university projects (for example cve project). Wippog isn’t a commercial product but it shows in a practical way a innovative abstract model. It well work.

The Wippog is a language and a computation environment to express behaviour in reactive systems and heterogeneous components

The CVE (Cooperative Visual Environment) project is a software platform supporting the generation and the execution of visual interactive environments. Each environment is defined as a network of components of three types: Excutors, Observers and Presenters. In CVE, Executors are responsible for managing computational resources and activities, while Observers are responsible for formatting views to be displayed by Presenters. Moreover, the observers are able to interpret the events generated by the user on the presentation elements and to consequently generate requests to the executors, or adjust presentation aspects, according to the meaning of the event. A notification mechanism ensures that state changes in the executor are reported to the registered observers to update their presentations. Actually, we defined environments able to manage visual sentences (graphic editors). In this context we have implemented independent software components to manage generic graphic relations, user interaction and Finite-State Machines.

What is the project's current status and plans for the future?

Wippog is included in several university projects. This month we have closed some bugs and we have improved gui interface. In the last month no new bug have been indicated.